Ces jantes sont construites en carbone haut module grâce à un procédé de fabrication exclusif, puis assemblés à la main dans l'usine Shimano. The hub is incredibly responsive too, immediately engaging and transferring your power to the drivetrain. Get 15% Off Membership →, Ghost wheels abound in the Tour de France peloton. The item “Shimano Dura-Ace 9100 C40 Road Bike Wheel Set 700c Carbon Clincher 11 Speed” is in sale since Friday, July 12, 2019. Here are the latest wheels of Shimano, available from this month. Combine that snappiness with a … They’re that wide. I lent this set to a mate who spent some time getting to know them, including pancake flat crit - far from their ideal hilly terrain. Get the latest race news, results, commentary, and tech, delivered to your inbox. A thought occured while riding on the C40s; this could genuinely be the last generation of rim brake tubulars from Shimano. If this is the rim brake tubular swansong, it’s a very good one. Pire, d’aérodynamisme non plus… en tout cas, sûrement pas au point de faire hésiter 98% d’entre nous. Bought from CRC. For quick and smooth shifting 'under' … Information produit ~~1449 grs ... Nouveau design et nouveau corps de roue libre Shimano 11 vitesses ! Weight comes in at 770g for the rear, and 620g for the front. The big news is the expanding external rim width that hits a plump 28 mm. Yet, it’s still aero thanks to the wide rim you’ll see at the C40. As with its C35 predecessor, the C40's weight is centered at the hubs to reduce rim and rotational weight so it kicks up to speed fast. Shimano … Brand: Shimano; … Deep wheels look very cool... but how does Shimano's 'Carbon Laminated Clincher. I didn’t detect any fade with higher heats but that could be due to winter/spring testing when temperatures haven’t been very high. More importantly, I became increasingly confident in their stability on high-speed descents, especially coming down Lookout Mountain in Golden, Colorado, where a good gust of wind is likely to throw you off your line. I absolutely love riding them. The C40’s increase in rigidity achieved through … Shimano Dura-Ace R9100 C40 TU wheelset review. So what can you racers expect from them? And boy do these all-black wheels (with subtle fades to gray) look cool. Shimano's Dura-Ace 9100 C40 Carbon Road Clincher Wheelset brings an aesthetic update to pair perfectly with the new groupset and carries over the speedy stability we've come to expect from a Dura-Ace wheels. Safe to say they’re total overkill for me. Reynolds have made a very nice wheel with quite a big problem, Light, fast, sensibly specced, well-made, and competitively priced; the Bikebeat Uberflieger Pros were a real surprise late in the carbon rim-brake clincher product life. Bonjour, j'ai trouvé pas mal d’Informations sur ces 2 paires de roues haut de gamme sur ce forum et c'est déjà top, mais il s'agit des roues Dura Ace C35 et Zipp 303 firecrest (et non C40 - NSW) La hauteur n’est plus synonyme de rigidité. They’re brilliant. The C24s, which have just been given a graphics/aesthetics update to match Shimano's new R9100 components, have the shallowest rim heights of any wheels in the Dura-Ace range: the front is 21mm and the rear is 24mm. Read honest and … His prognosis: “a religious experience.” This is a guy who already races on some significantly lighter hand-built tubs. The most surprising thing about the C40s is how unsurprising they are. Shimano Dura-Ace 9000 C35 Clincher Wheelset. Help us to fund our site We’ve noticed you’re using an ad blocker. Create a personalized feed and bookmark your favorites. Initial setup was basically on par with every other tubeless setup we’ve wrestled with. They’ve already showcased the C40 disc variants that will grace the pro peloton in 2018. I had some phat 28mm Vittoria Corsa Graphene tyres glued on and whacked them on the bike. These complement Shimano’s already excellent Dura-Ace line of components. Paire de roues à boyau carbone DURA-ACE WH-9000-C50-TU SHIMANO. Become the master of all disciplines with the DURA-ACE C40 wheelset - the ultimate lightweight, responsive all-rounder. Either the rain never eventuated or it was insubstantial. I won obviously because I’m skinny enough that the knives all … Some gear is so good it makes you feel inadequate. Latest shimano c60 carbon laminated clincher wheelset. Plus improved braking, handling and acceleration. New Year, Fitter You. © 2021 Pocket Outdoor Media Inc. All Rights Reserved. Find helpful customer reviews and review ratings for SHIMANO Dura-Ace 9100 C40 Carbon Road Wheelset - Clincher at Amazon.com. Après la sortie du groupe Dura-Ace 9100, Shimano a également renouvelé sa gamme de roues. Free delivery and returns on all eligible orders. Braking is a tale of great power but low feedback. 0 . They retain the same titanium freehub body, and thus keep their backwards compatibility with 10 speed drivetrains. Here’s the thing though, sink the boot in and they flippin fly. Words and Images - James Raison. Cancel; Select options ; One Color, One Size ($1,645.99) Quantity: Add To Cart save for later Each compare button adds its respective product to a list of products that can be used to make comparisons between all the … You need a wide reach to get around these rims. I do. I found it difficult to gauge how hard I was braking. The C40s are an all new design from Shimano, dropping into the gap from their previous C35 and C50 wheels. They go like stink and stop very well once you're used to it. The Bossi RD1 wheelset are jam-packed with sensible spec decisions and hand-built in Australia for a competitive price. Shimano Dura-Ace Di2 R9170 first ride review. We set them up tubeless for testing. The lightweight Dura-Ace C40 Carbon Tubeless disc-brake wheelset is the ultimate all-rounder. Combine that snappiness with a … There was a distinctive audio feedback with the C40s that It starts with a whoosh, amplifies to whistle, then it has a slight judder, and the final criscendo is that oh-so-carbon squeal. As with its C35 predecessor, the C40's weight is centered at the hubs to reduce rim and rotational weight so it kicks up to speed fast. Late last year Shimano released their revamped Dura-Ace 9000 range which includes an overhaul of their groupsets and wheelsets. Our disc-ready test wheels feature a 40mm depth. It is not a paid review.Â. Les roulements à … I’m using Shimano’s new and ultra stiff R8000 calipers added to those low profile pads and that combo initially caused some accidental skids when coming to a stop at intersections or traffic lights. Non available. Dare I say these are sensible race wheels? You’re after a new set of wheels. WH-9000 CL carbon clincher wheels, designed to meet pro road race criteria. 2 199,00 € € Corps de roue QTY. Perhaps the most interesting aspect of the C40s is the stopping. Découvrez les 11 avis sur Roues vélo route Shimano Dura-Ace WH-R9100 C24 à pneus en vente chez Materiel-velo.com, spécialiste de la vente d'équipements pour cyclistes. Item # SHI00DJ. The seller is “theproscloset” and is located in Boulder, Colorado. That could be due to the rim, but it also could be due to the tire (we ran Hutchinson Fusion 5 tires). We don’t fault Shimano for this; the issue has more to do with wheelmakers and tiremakers creating products that often don’t work well together. Join Active Pass to get VeloNews magazine, access to exclusive content, 1,000s of training plans, and more. DURA-ACE C60 - Carbon - Tubular - Disc Brake - 12 mm Thru Axle - CENTER LOCK - Rear Wheel When aerodynamics are your top priority, DURA-ACE C60 wheels are the top choice. They spin up fast, as you’d expect, and hold that speed exceptionally well, as you’d expect. The C40 can be used on both the flats and mountains because of its aluminium brake surface. Unsurprisingly, Shimano has expanded the rim width to a generous 24 millimeters internal on the disc tubeless version of the wheel. C’est la tendance ! Hubs are a small evolution on the previous generation, but they have had an increase in flange spacing to bolster stiffness. The Shimano Dura Ace R9170 C40 Disc wheels feature a 40mm deep, aerodynamically enhanced rim, which features a 24mm internal width. Shimano's Dura-Ace 9100 C40 Carbon Road Clincher Wheelset brings an aesthetic update to pair perfectly with the new groupset and carries over the speedy stability we've come to expect from a Dura-Ace wheels. Nuthin but chill. They're not particularly wide either: 15mm internal, 20.8mm external, whereas the new C40 and C60 clinchers are both 17mm internal … This item can be shipped worldwide. Special mention, as always, has to go to the Shimano quick releases. DURA-ACE C40 - Carbon Laminate - Clincher - Rim Brake - Rear Wheel The most versatile in the DURA-ACE wheel lineup, the C40 is the perfect blend of light weight and aerodynamics. Nothing on the spec sheet jumps out as impressive or insane. Its Centre Lock, disc brake specifically designed and the rear is equipped with an 11-Speed freehub. by Woodsman. The previous generation was 20.8 mm so that’s a substantial redesign. No bouncing or clanging as the wheels try to to keep up with your accelerations. The C40s? Tue, Jul 10, 2018 21:09. The Dura-Ace C40 wheels follow that narrative: They’re excellent carbon wheels that offer plenty of stiffness without being jarringly harsh. We presented these wheels in two articles mid … They hit every target; stiff, light, aero, comfortable, and incredibly stable. Shimano touts these as the ideal all-rounder’s wheel. Contrary to what the name might suggest, these wheels are 35 mm and not 40 mm deep. Flogging through the hills is intoxicating. I don’t need superlatives here, they’re aimed at winning grand tours. The Dura-Ace C40 wheels follow that narrative: They’re excellent carbon wheels that offer plenty of stiffness without being jarringly harsh. Les C40 T sont les roues utilisées par Chris Froome, et autant le dire tout de suite, elles se situent d’emblée tout en haut de l’échelle de la performance. Ces C40 prennent la … The wheels climb, descend, and roll… well… like grand tour stage winners. Nouvelles hauteurs, largeur des jantes majorée et optimisation de l’aéro au programme. Very smooth, and very quiet. If you like road.cc, but you don’t like ads, please consider subscribing to the site to support us directly. Now, the elephant in the room: rain. Can anyone let me know if these are tubeless compatible...ta. Shimano rarely makes mistakes when it comes to creating high-quality components. Shimano Dura-Ace 9100 C60 Carbon Road Wheelset - Clincher. I won obviously because I’m skinny enough that the knives all bounced harmlessly off my rib cage. Facebook 0 Twitter 0 Likes. Roues de route avant Shimano Dura Ace R9170 C40 - Lowest Prices and FREE shipping available from The World's largest online bike store - Chain Reaction Cycles Their wide rims mated to thicc (yes, thicc) tyres gives them a damn smooth ride. Get 15% Off Membership →, New Year, Fitter You. They’re everything you need in an all-around wheelset; they spin up quickly, track well in corners, remain stable in crosswinds, and offer enough give to make them comfortable in variable conditions. This construction means you can benefit the responsiveness of carbon, but still use standard brake pads on your road bike.Carbon Clincher WheelsetThe rims in this … I take carbon wheels on the same braking-heavy, tight, and twisty descent to test their heat dissipation. These wheels follow the 7801 Carbon 50mm which hit the market mid 2006. Shimano Dura-Ace R9100 C40 Clincher WheelsetBringing you the low weight of carbon fibre with an alloy braking surface, the Dura-Ace R9100 C40 Clincher wheelset is ready to perform at race level. Disclosure statement: These wheels were sent for review by Shimano Australia. The Tune Airways I tested last year for example felt like sitting astride a nuclear bomb. The feel and sound of the hubs will be familiar to anyone whose used high-end Shimano wheels before. The rim profile has done some serious time in the wind tunnel with Shimano claiming they’re 2 watts over the 9000 series C50. What you get with the C40s is speed aplenty, smoothness aplenty, stability aplenty with sensible design... aplenty. shimano 9100 dura ace C40 wheelset. This played nice with our Hutchinson tires and allowed for lower tire pressures, thereby reducing rolling resistance. Should Shimano’s latest R9100 C24 clinchers be on your list? clinchers, light, fast, reliable and with aluminium brake track. 7850 C24 TU and 7850 C50 TU are the model names. But once it was set up and sealed, we’ve had no air leaks since. When every second counts, C60s can make the difference. 5 out of 5 stars 3 Reviews. New Year, Fitter You. Super Test Roues 2018 LES ROUES CARBONE DE 25 À 45 MM PNEUS, BOYAUX, TUBELESS LES ROUES 2018 : Plus basses mais tout aussi rigides ! $1,645.99. Find your size. Thanks people. Its braking, handling and acceleration are top notch. The front derailleur maintains its compact and smooth appearance for the DURA-ACE R9100 series. They’re not quite 40 mm deep, coming in at 37 mm but C37 doesn’t sound as cool as C40 so we’ll let that slide. Shimano say the elbow-less, straight-pull spokes make for a strong but compliant wheel and the wide flange spacing is designed to offer additional rigidity. stack up. The front wheel is rocking 18 straight pull spokes, and the rear has 21 cross-laced on the drive side and straight on the non-drive side. 7850 for the range: the newest generation of Dura-Ace, C24 or C50 for Carbon followed by the rim height in millimeter, and TU for tubular. After spending a few months on them, it’s pretty clear why: the lightweight carbon rims spin up quickly (we’d guess these score pretty well in the moment of inertia tests VeloNews has performed in the past), and they felt surprisingly planted in crosswinds. I tried, too! Mike Boudrie. Ideal for triathletes or attacking riders, the 60 mm carbon rims slice through the wind and thrive in the fastest conditions. I didn't ride these in significant rain in my 800km test period. Thanks to its clever design it can handle a cassette range of 11-30. This carbon wheelset has an increase in rigidity for improved aerodynamic performance, while maintaining a comfortable riding experience. Wheelsets James Raison October 23, 2017 Shimano, Dura-Ace, C40 3 Comments. Be the first to write a review Wheelset Shimano Dura-Ace WH-R9100-C40-CL Shimano. Get 15% Off Membership → In fact, the really great stuff often seems so commonplace that we forget to recognize it for what it is: exceptional product, meticulously designed. The tires went on easily enough, but creating a seal took some doing. Its wide rim further enhances your solid feeling of stability and comfort. I love every kilometre I ride on these wheels. This item is in the category “Sporting Goods\Cycling\Bicycle Tires, Tubes & Wheels\Wheels & Wheelsets”. Like most carbon, these wheels like bursts of power rather than a more gentle lead-in that you can get away with from aluminium. The first time riding really high performance wheels is usually a theatrical experience full of pomp and circumstance. Ask for speed and you shall receive. Check out more Shimano wheelset reviews: Dura Ace C40 TU review; Dura Ace C60 review; RX830 disc review; Disclaimer - Shimano sent me brand new pair of C24 Wheels for test... this is not a paid review and contains my thoughts alone. A knife fight broke out when the new C40s landed at La Velocita HQ. I’m not kidding when I say they feel closer to discs than my aluminium clinchers. The Shimano Dura Ace R9170 C40 Disc wheels feature a 40mm deep, aerodynamically enhanced rim, which features a 24mm … The 11-speed DURA-ACE Di2 rear derailleur ensures ergonomic, stable and effective shifting without stress thanks to a low profile design and Shimano Shadow RD. Select options. That leaves room for personality on climbs, though pure sprinters might opt for a deeper profile rim. That … The new Dura Ace R9100 C40 wheelset is part of the R9100 series. Wheelsets Mike Boudrie November 03, 2016 Shimano, RX830 Comment. Shop SHIMANO Dura-Ace 9100 C40 Wheelset. A knife fight broke out when the new C40s landed at La Velocita HQ. The C40s tracked incredibly well and held stable in all but the biggest blusters. The design concepts of the new generation Dura-Ace 9000 wheels created products specifically engineered with attributes that are required by specific racing disciplines. The BLADE concept development is Shimano’s first fully committed effort to … In fact, the setup has held air better than most of our tube-and-tire setups. It’s crazy to think that not long ago, this would have been an unthinkable depth for climbers, but it became easier and easier with each ride to think of these as climbing wheels. For the … My test rig was the stiff, and aggressive Specialized Allez Sprint DSW. Its 40mm deep rim lifts your game with its balanced low inertia and aerodynamics. En […] 5 5. Discs will dominated sooner than later so Shimano have to be asking themselves if revamping this generation of C40 and C60 is economically viable in their 3-4 year groupset cycle. All carbon clinchers have faded on that stretch of road. Most people will need to use the included low-profile Shimano pads made specifically to help the wheels squeeze between your calipers. Shimano Dura-Ace WH-7850-C24-TL Clincher wheels review. They are. RCUK 100 2017 - Shimano … As a subscriber you can read road.cc ad-free, … They’re ridden by people named Froome, Porte, Dumoulin, and stacks of others. Ultimately, we had trouble finding fault with these wheels. Chalk this up to technology growing pains. Shimano Dura-Ace is intended to be the best groupset you can buy. Awesome all-round hoops Our rating . So, I don't know how they go when it's hosing down. Plus I climb the most hills so I DESERVE these dammit. I expected fireworks, rampaging elephants, Mad Max style fire-spitting guitars, and Keith Moon to smash a television over my head. Nipples are sensibly external for easier servicing. The 40 mm ultralight carbon laminate rim is fast and stable in the windiest of conditions. Nope. Product made in Malaysia A cleanly executed design that builds on the success of Dura-Ace 9070 Those sounds became my reference point for how hard I was on the anchors. There’s a lot of power but not a lot of feel. Roues-Pneus Roues Route-Ville-Fixie Wheelset Shimano Dura-Ace WH-R9100-C40-CL ... for the purchase of this product. My lightness means I run the tyres at around 65 psi, making for oodles of comfort and a buttery smooth ride, even on my ultra-firm Specialized Allez Sprint DSW. This model is the most all-round in the range because of its intermediate rim depth. The C40 tubs didn’t.